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Peanut Lime Stir-Fry
Coconut Curry Chicken
"Discipline Equals Freedom"
“Discipline equals freedom." -Jocko Willink “That’s stupid” I remember thinking when I first heard the quote. How can discipline offer any freedom. I was connecting the word discipline with words like strict, structured, and
July 31, 2018
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USA Food Finds
I love grocery shopping. I know, it's strange! I enjoy wandering the isles searching for healthy new products or ingredients. I also find food to be an interesting way to connect with the culture in a new country. Obviously the food
July 24, 2018
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"Am I consuming too much sodium?"
"Am I consuming too much sodium?" Like most nutrition questions, the answer is: it depends. For many active clients or CrossFitters, however, it isn't likely they are over-consuming sodium. This is especially true with the hot summer
July 17, 2018
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Cabbage & Sausage Foil Packets
Do you hate doing dishes? Me too! That's why I looooove this recipe.  This simple recipe can be prepared in the oven but it is also perfect for camping or BBQ season. This foil packet recipe is an effortless meal being both quick to
July 10, 2018
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Protein Packed French Toast
There is nothing better than sleeping in and enjoying a delicious breakfast or brunch with family and friends on a weekend! Growing up, one of my favourite dishes at a brunch spread was French toast! I can remember covering it in
July 5, 2018
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