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Peanut Lime Stir-Fry
Coconut Curry Chicken
Tracking Alcohol
Alcohol needs to be tracked in a special way because the calories that pure alcohol provides to the body are neither a carbohydrate, protein, or fat. If you have ever entered an alcoholic beverage in MyFitnessPal you may notice that the
February 6, 2017
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Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings
Football season is almost over (yay - haha!) and what better way to celebrate than with a flavourful appetizer! This recipe is a tasty substitution to classic buffalo wings. Yields: 6
January 31, 2017
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Abstainers vs. Moderators
  The topic of ‘abstainers vs. moderators’ has been on my mind lately after listening to a podcast called “Happier” hosted by Gretchen Rubin. You might recognize Gretchen as the author of The Happiness Project, a self-help
January 17, 2017
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Thai Coconut Cauliflower "Rice"
I like to call foods that are high in water and fibre, like fruits and vegetables, “volume foods.” I have talked about it on the blog before and mention it to clients often. Volume foods add bulk to your meals and help fill your
January 3, 2017
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Gratitude Jar 2017
My roommate and I often ask each other “what was the best part of your day?” It never seems to be related to money or material items. It’s usually the small things like “the first sip of coffee in the morning”, a small victory
December 28, 2016
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