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Greek Yogurt Bars
Peanut Lime Stir-Fry
Coconut Curry Chicken
Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas
Fitness and nutrition professionals often say that to get in shape you should think of food as “fuel.” If we all thought of food as fuel, reaching our nutrition goals would be so easy! However, food is more than fuel for the
April 11, 2017
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Bibimbap Bowls
This recipe is easily substitutable to make it suit your personal preferences or nutrition needs. For example, adjust the fat content by eliminating the oil or choosing the leaner meat option. Ground beef can be swapped out for
April 5, 2017
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The Smallest Changes Have The Biggest Impact
When it comes to weight loss and lifestyle changes, we are always looking for the quick fix. We are easily seduced by the latest trend that promises amazing results in as little as a few days. In reality, it has been demonstrated the
March 28, 2017
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Eating Well at an All Inclusive Resort
Submitted by Stephanie Brooks, RD   When you hear the words “all inclusive resort” the first things that come to mind are sugary margaritas, tequila, endless buffets, and a la carte restaurants. Over February break, I travelled
March 21, 2017
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MyFitnessPal Premium Features
  MyFitnessPal can be a great learning tool for clients who have outlined some specific nutriton goals. The App and website have a free version but also have the option to update to a Premium account for a monthly fee or annual cost
March 20, 2017
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