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July 26, 2019

There is just something special about a peanut sauce! Salty, sweet, spicy, tangy, and filled with umami goodness. The sauce itself is fantastic in this stir-fry but can be used for fresh rolls and salads, too!

We always recommend obtaining nutrients from foods first before reaching for supplements and concentrates (eg. oils, protein powder, added sugar, and others) unless you can't meet your requirements from food alone. The same is true for fats. Consuming fats from whole foods will provide so much more nutrition than the oil itself: fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Just one more reason to love up on this peanut sauce with natural peanut butter as the whole food fat source! 

This stir-fry is packed with as much crunchy veggies as we could handle including spaghetti squash, bell peppers, purple cabbage, and carrots! As always, we checked in with our Fundamental Four formula to ensure the recipe was build to satisfy more than our taste buds but also to optimize our blood sugars for optimize energy, recovery, and body composition. The Four included:

  • PROTEIN: chicken breast
  • FIBRE: spaghetti squash (and the boat load of other veggies)
  • HEALTHY FAT: peanut butter in the sauce and cashews to top
  • VOLUME: spaghetti squash, bell peppers, carrots, and purple cabbage!

PS: if you are unsure what I mean when I say "Fundamental Four" click here for a free resource to help you understand the Fundamental Four and why we plan our meals using this strategy!


4 Servings


Nutrition Facts



Protein: 34g


Fat: 11g


Carbohydrates: 30g


  • Peanut Lime Sauce (you may have to double the sauce if you want more - it is so dang good!)
    • 3 tbsp (45g) natural peanut butter, melted
    • 1/2 tbsp (8g) honey, melted
    • 1 lime, juiced
    • 2 tbsp (30 ml) apple cider vinegar
    • 2 tbsp (30 ml) tamari
    • 1 tbsp sriracha
  • Stir-Fry
    • 1 medium spaghetti squash (600g), cooked
    • 1 tsp (5g) coconut oil
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 shallot, minced
    • 2 medium sized (12 oz.) chicken breasts, diced
    • 2 bell peppers (300g), cut into matchsticks
    • 2 carrots (200g), julienned
    • 1/4 small (150g), purple cabbage, shredded
    • 1/4 cup (1 oz.) cashews


  1. Prepare the Peanut Lime Sauce by adding the natural peanut butter and honey to a mason jar. Melt the peanut butter and honey in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then add the lime, vinegar, tamari (or soy sauce), and sriracha. Shake well.
  2. Bake the spaghetti squash or microwave it (my preferred method) and set aside. Click here for microwave method.
  3. Add the coconut oil to a large pan and bring to medium heat. Add the minced garlic and shallots and cook for 2-3 minutes. Then add the diced chicken and cook until the chicken is no longer pink. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.
  4. Using the same large pan on medium heat, add the prepared peppers, carrots, and cabbage. Add a splash of water and cook for 2-5 minutes until the vegetables are bright in color but still crunchy.
  5. Layer the spaghetti squash, vegetable mixture, and chicken in a bowl. Drizzle with the peanut sauce. Alternatively, mix the spaghetti squash, vegetable mixture, and chicken and combine with the Peanut Lime Sauce. This mixture can be enjoyed warm as a stir-fry or combine the ingredients and serve cold as a salad!

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Let me know how it went. Share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #vitalitynutrition or #vitalityfunfour so I can see your creation!