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May 7, 2019

In need of some lunch time inspiration?

I talked in a recent post about meal automation (see post here), and how having one meal or snack that is the same every day, lessens our decision making fatique and saves some energy for decisions that cannot be automated. Automating my lunch with this bagel sandwich not only saved me time, but also energy in knowing that I wouldnt have to decide what I would be eating. The ingredients are minimal, quick to throw together and delicious! It was easy to travel with on my way to and from the office and took little effort to make (things I look for on busy days!). O'Dough's bagels are gluten free and great for those who may need to follow a gluten free diet, have a sensitivity or just want to try something new, and can be purchased at Superstore. This lunch balanced all four nutrient requirements of protein, carbohydrate (fibre), healthy fats and veggies (volume). Customizable based on preferences, this bagel was a lunch time winner and made for the perfect automated meal at this weeks lunches.

Here's the breakdown:

Protein: 3 oz. deli turkey meat (smoked salmon, chicken or hard boiled eggs would be delicious too!)
Carb (fibre): O'Dough's Bagel (this one was pumpernickel flavor)
Healthy fat: 30g goat cheese (avocado, mayo or other cheeses work as well)
Veggies (volume): roasted peppers and spinach with a side of sweet peppers, tomatoes and cucumber

Tip: Try mixing hard boiled eggs + egg whites with avocado for an egg salad version of this tasty lunch!

You can find the O'Doughs bagels in a variety of flavors at Superstore! 

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